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Manage Identities in the
Digital Landscape Securely.

Extraordinary growth in the digital world creates exciting opportunities. To seize them requires innovative services and secure management of identities and data. As a global leader of identity management services, G+D Mobile Security ensures that consumers, as well as IoT identities and data, remain secure and reliable at all times across industries.

Turn Digital Challenges
into Tangible Success.

The opportunities of the digital world are as exciting as its growth. But in order to seize them, industry must secure identities and data while providing innovative services.


Mobile Phones*
2015: 7.1 billion > 2021: 8.6 billion
Cellular IoT Devices*
2015: 0.4 billion > 2021: 1.5 billion
Non-cellular IoT Devices*
2015: 4.2 billion > 2021: 14.2 billion

* Source: Ericsson Mobility Report, June 2016

mobile payment solutions provided to leading financial institutions
+1 billion
mobile devices
managed globally
2.9 billion
SIM cards
managed in over 80 countries



It’s all about managing identities.

Become an end-to-end identity service provider with the ability to manage all aspects of a subscriber’s digital life safely and reliably. This is where your identity journey begins.

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Identity journey

When the digital world is at your customers’ fingertips, they need fast and convenient registration. Our solutions enable easy onboarding and identity authentication of new customers. Your business meets regulatory requirements, while users take their first digital steps.
At home or on the go, at noon or midnight, customers want anywhere and anytime service. That’s why we simplify the remote provisioning of identity profiles and the delivery of all relevant data, like SIM profiles, via quick download. And, if needed, our solutions integrate seamlessly into your existing systems.
Good services are the basis for great customer relationships. While our solutions enable a single log-in method for users that eliminates the need for multiple passwords, our marketing platform lets you or a third party send targeted ads or updated services directly to devices for increased conversion rates and monetization opportunities.
When services change and infrastructures get revamped, don’t miss a beat in managing data and updating settings. Our solutions deliver powerful handset discovery capabilities, plus automation support. And our predictive analytics solutions give you valuable customer insights that help you to adapt your strategies and plans to optimize retention.

Exceed Your Potential.

Join the digital growth wave

Securing Global Communication

Trust is the new digital currency of a world where new generations of smart device owners demand immediate and endless access to exploration. That requires long-term commitment from you to offer fast, reliable, and secure services. And while consumers enjoy these services, you can reap the rewards of their usage with targeted marketing initiatives and data analytics.

Always-on Smart Solutions

G+D has the proven technology to deliver agile services and robust security, along with appropriate measures and policies for every possible use case and regulatory system. For instance, our eSIM Management solution makes in-store visits a thing of the past and delivers data and identities over the air. This helps you handle the rising number of devices and integrates seamlessly into your existing systems. With Mobile Analytics, you’ll know if a consumer is considering a switch to a different provider, and if so, you can take action.

Master the full spectrum of identity management – for both you and your customers. Download our brochure for more insights into your digital future.

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secure banking


It’s all about managing identities.

Make sure your institution meets the digital challenges of the future and provides consumers with instant and convenient services. Your identity journey starts here.

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Identity journey

Today’s consumers bank on demand. What your customers need is an assurance that their identities and data are safe. What you need is a reliable confirmation of identity. Our solutions let you authenticate and onboard new clients without any need for a physical meeting – online, from anywhere, and at any time.
Armed with digital identities, consumers now need their credentials on the chosen device. Our complete mobile payment portfolio supports personalization of virtual and physical cards and of other devices like wearables. It enables you to bring convenient mobile payment options to consumers and to create services to be pushed directly to targeted users securely.
Fast and secure verification is paramount for convenient service usage. This is why our biometrics suite supports robust mobile authentication by a user’s face, voice, fingerprint, or iris scan. It’s the simplest, safest, and most seamless way to execute mobile transactions.
Don’t give cybercrime a chance. We help you to protect mobile apps, safeguard identities, securely authorize transactions, and prevent fraud with advanced machine-learning solutions that continually work behind the scenes to make sure that you, your clients, and their digital identities are safe at all times.

Spark Your Financial (R)evolution.

Become digital from within and without.

Round the Clock Banking

Financial demands and habits are changing rapidly. Paying for groceries via smartphone or wearable and transferring money from anywhere are quickly becoming the norm, while cybercriminals are developing new attacks. Securely managing user identities will be key in enabling your institution to create innovative and trustworthy services.

A Comprehensive Product Portfolio

Our decades of expertise in managing identities physically and virtually create seamless operations for your business. Our solutions such as Video Ident allow your customers to create digital accounts via a direct call center or fully automated software. And our robust and secure Hub platform drives mobile payments, enrollment services, and fraud management, while also supporting classic physical cards.

Grant your customers simple and secure management of their finances, payment transactions, and identities.

Download our brochure for more insight into the digital banking future.

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It’s all about managing identities.

Be at the forefront of the automotive revolution and start managing secure, seamless connectivity and providing reliable cyber protection across millions of cars. Embark on your identity journey now.

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Identity journey

The thrill of a new car meets the challenges of a secure car identity. The first step in managing digital identities is creating them. We help you to generate unique car IDs from the Vehicle Identification Number to associate them with their drivers. Our powerful solutions enable state-of-the-art management and protection.
Before a car can shift into high digital gear, it needs to be equipped with all relevant data. We provide a completely digital process for the wireless transfer of an eSIM to a car’s built-in secure element storage, plus the provisioning of user profiles and policies. It’s a simple, safe, and seamless service.
As today’s connected cars communicate with smart devices and remote servers, we safeguard all data transferred to and from cars against unauthorized access. Our single embedded hardware-software unit controls keys and credentials and offers safe data storage and transfers across the board.
Every car needs a digital tune-up to maintain physical safety and cybersecurity. Our solutions offer secure and convenient management of over-the-air upgrades to the car’s firmware and software components. On-demand downloads and the transfer of new keys and certificates can be performed by the driver – anywhere, anytime.
When a car is resold, decommissioned, or taken to the scrap yard, all data must be handled appropriately. We make it easy to revoke car IDs, delete profiles, invalidate certificates, and retract user rights. Managing the entire lifecycle of a car, including termination, is performed remotely and securely.

Rev Your Digital Engines.

Evolve and stay ahead on the go.

Tomorrow’s tests

Autonomous driving, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, and mobility as a service are gaining more traction, which fuels the development of advanced technologies. But the increasingly huge amounts of data being created must be properly managed and secured in order to navigate the road ahead.

Solutions that move

G+D Mobile Security is an experienced leader in digital solutions and robust security, ready to help car manufacturers on their road to a digitized car industry. Our solutions cover all facets of secure identity management to let you manage millions of connected cars and identities. eSIM management provides and manages user profiles while our Automotive Security Gateway ensures that all transferred data is secure – to name just a few of our innovative solutions.

Use G+D’s identity management expertise to position your business as a leading player in the car industry of tomorrow. Download our brochure for more insight into your digital future.

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It’s all about managing identities.

Take the lead in the fourth industrial revolution and ensure that your enterprise has the capabilities to securely digitize your production and processes. Welcome to your identity journey.

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Identity journey

Current industrial machines weren’t built for connected environments and therefore lack much-needed security. Our solutions help you to identify and securely connect your machinery, as well as authenticate authorized users and remote staff.
The cybersecurity of factories and intellectual property is vital. That’s why we help you configure access policies for employees, individual machines, machine groups, and entire facilities. Our solutions deliver maximum flexibility and seamlessly integrate into your existing systems, making it easy to keep up with all your daily demands.
All daily functions must be secured at all times. Our portfolio supplies nonstop security for automated interactions between machines and production control systems. Two-factor authentication provides secure access to the cloud, while self-learning AI ensures that your smart factory receives optimal cyber threat protection. From cutting-edge micro segmentation and stealth mode for complete invisibility, we offer security features that never interrupt your production.
The remote operation and maintenance of industrial machines involve large amounts of data. Our solutions deliver extremely secure hardware-based cryptography, as well as robust second- and third-level security support. Continue your operations in the knowledge that they are protected from unauthorized data extraction and other digital risks.
When an industrial machine finally reaches the end of its lifecycle, we enable you to safely and remotely revoke IDs, erase access authorizations, remove data from machines, and decommission them without any risk of data leaks or unwanted access. Your IT infrastructure remains secure, ensuring optimal performance.

Break New Digital Ground in Industry 4.0.

Maximize the performance of your production.

The New Standard

In Industry 4.0, there is no such thing as conventional. Your facilities and systems are transforming into smart and automated industrial centers. Optimized machine performance, minimized production costs, and deep workflow insights are only a few of the far-reaching benefits. And the best part: our solutions work without impacting your existing machinery. No matter what your current digital setup is, now is the time to take the next step forward.

Your Connected Partner

The goals of Industry 4.0 are clear. And G+D Mobile Security has the solutions to work with you side by side in maximizing security and convenience. Our CPS Policy Management delivers optimal flexibility when configuring your granular access policies, while the CPS Security Portal acts as the robust, central entry point into your IT infrastructure. In summary, our solutions facilitate remote access, proactive service monitoring, electronic software delivery, product data analysis, and much, much more.

Get secure industrial visibility for your digital future with the expertise of G+D Mobile Security. Download our brochure for more insight into your digital future.

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mobile device


It’s all about managing identities.

Maximize your business ingenuity and securely keep up with evolving user expectations and digital lifestyles. This is the start of your identity journey.

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Identity journey

Until now, consumers chose their carrier and then picked their devices from a list of subsidized handsets. Today, it is also possible for consumers to select their smart devices first. This puts more power into your and your clients’ hands. Our solutions offer secure ID creation and assignment steps, allowing users to choose their MNO from their screens, and to guarantee best-in-class protection, our secure OS loading solutions offer the option to load a secure OS at any time during the manufacturing process.
All profile data must be quickly added for full operation and personalization. Our eSIM management platform allows all relevant ID files, such as keys, credentials, and subscriptions, to be sent securely over the air. And our OS update capabilities always protect your users and their data with the newest security measures.
Fully operational devices mean around-the-clock convenience for consumers and ongoing work for you. Our solutions ensure secure device operation with continuous identity and data protection, plus easy access to every feature.
The fight against fraud and cybercrime never ends. We help you to manage regular updates, new security features, and applications safely, while protecting all data transmissions.
When a device reaches its end-of-life, all data can be removed to minimize risk and criminal activity. Our solutions remove IDs, terminate access rights, delete sensitive data, and deactivate devices safely and remotely. It simplifies the termination process with heightened security and completes the identity journey.

Simplify the Growing Digital Complexity.

Pair innovative services with leading-edge security.

Mobile Hurdles

As lifestyles go even more digital, the number of smart devices continues to rise. This is exciting for original equipment manufacturers, yet not without its challenges. With every new device, OEMs must deliver better, faster, and sleeker features enabling new and innovative services with novel security requirements.

Expertise to Rely on

At G+D Mobile Security, our experience and knowledge in secure digital solutions can support your journey towards differentiation. Our versatile portfolio helps you to manage a growing list of connected devices. With our Secure Mobile Device Solutions, you’ll get a perfectly secure setup and communication from day one. And our Secure Service Management ensures up-to-date systems and highly secure identities.

Start overcoming the challenges that lie ahead with powerful security and optimized efficiency. Download our brochure for more insight into your digital future.

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